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Golf Simulators


Golf Simulator rental

Sigmoid HQ is home to three state-of-the-art TrackMan Golf simulators and a tour spec putting green. Our facilities offer a range of services, including simulator rental, golf classes, coaching, and a renowned custom club fitting service.

At the heart of our golf experience lies the TrackMan 4 radar units, which have revolutionised training and performance in the golf industry. These cutting-edge devices meticulously monitor every aspect of your golf swing and ball trajectory, providing invaluable feedback for improvement.

Equipped with dual radar technology, our TrackMan 4 units capture high-quality data by employing two radars that track different data points. One radar focuses exclusively on the club’s movement through impact, providing precise details on its path and orientation. Simultaneously, another radar, known for its exceptional accuracy, monitors the ball’s journey from the moment it leaves the clubface until it lands on the virtual course. This comprehensive data collection ensures a comprehensive understanding of your swing dynamics.

For a deeper understanding of the capabilities offered by the TrackMan simulator, we invite you to visit TrackMan Golf’s website. There, you can explore the vast array of features and possibilities that make TrackMan the industry leader in golf training technology.

Driving Range

Practice your game on the range with direct feedback on each shot, figure out your distances with each club and quickly learn exactly where you need to improve. Book a simulator, listen to music and have a chilled out practice session with a friend, or work up a sweat and take a deep dive into your numbers.

Games & Competitions

Want to try something different? TrackMan also offers games and competitions like closest to the pin, longest drive and entertaining target games – accommodating all ages and abilities.

Course Play

 Play over 200 courses on TrackMan’s ever improving play feature which offers the most extraordinary quality down to the finest detail. Play some of Ireland’s best; Lahinch, Adare Manor, Portrush or head to the US and play multiple tour venues – which one will you play?

SIMULATOR Times & booking


Monday – Friday
08.00 – 21.30

 Saturday (Summer Hours)
09.00 – 15.00

Sunday (Summer Hours)
09.00 – 15.00


30 Mins: €40


60 Mins: €60


90 Mins: €90


120 Mins: €120



5 Hours: €270


10 Hours: €500


15 Hours: €700


20 Hours: €900

***In order for our booking software to correctly deduct your simulator sessions, please ensure you select the “Hourly Pack” option when you are booking your desired Sim Rental duration.

*All prices listed above allow up to 4 people per simulator. If there are more than 4 people playing in one simulator there will be an extra person charge of €10 per person.

i.e. It is the same price for 1 person to rent a simulator as it is for 4 people.

**Closing times are subject to change during the summer months depending on bookings.

Summer Practice Packs

Get your game in shape this summer and practice with direct feedback on each of your shots utilising Trackman’s technology. All Summer Practice Packs include a FREE 30 minute Trackman tutorial with Sigmoid HQ’s Director of Performance, David Kearney!

10 Hours / 20 Half-Hours: €400


5 Hours / 10 Half-Hours: €200

*This nets down our Sim Rental prices to €40.00 per hour and €20.00 per half-hour for May – August!

**In order for our booking software to correctly deduct your simulator sessions, please ensure you select the “Summer Pack” option when you are booking your desired Sim Rental duration.

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