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Sigmoid HQ

Rob and David’s first venture came to life with the creation of Sigmoid Sports, an athlete and performance management company that aims to empower and support talented athletes in their pursuit of greatness within their sport. Sigmoid Sports is garnering recognition for its unparalleled dedication to nurturing athletes’ careers – both on and off respective playing fields – providing their limited number of clients with the necessary tools and resources to reach new heights of success.

As Sigmoid Sports began to grow, Rob and David’s ambition to develop athletes beyond their sport soared even higher. They realised that athletic development extended far beyond the realm of competition. Sigmoid Sports’ athletes wanted more than just guidance in their professional lives; they wanted to expand their knowledge outside of their sport, and in the business world. A shared interest in performance wear amongst the Sigmoid Sport’s athletes resulted in Sigmoid Apparel; a cutting-edge performance clothing brand that seamlessly merged fashion and function, providing athletes with the ultimate blend of style and performance innovation.

Sigmoid Apparel quickly gained popularity, with athletes and sports enthusiasts alike looking to embrace the brand’s products which are designed by the Sigmoid Sports athletes. From advanced moisture-wicking fabrics to innovative ergonomic designs, Sigmoid Apparel is becoming a go-to choice for athletes seeking the perfect combination of comfort and athletic designs.

Fuelled by the progress of both Sigmoid Sports and Sigmoid Apparel, Rob and David’s vision expanded even further. They dreamt of a place that would embody the essence of the Sigmoid brand, a central hub where innovation, athleticism, and performance would intertwine. This vision manifested as Sigmoid HQ, a state-of-the-art facility that would serve as the heart and soul of the Sigmoid operations.

Sigmoid HQ, a first of its kind indoor golf performance centre in Dublin is home to; three TrackMan Golf simulators, a tour spec putting green, a renowned custom fitting service and a coffee bar. It also houses the headquarters of Sigmoid Sports and Sigmoid Apparel, seamlessly blending the management of athletes with the creation of unique performance wear.

Within the walls of Sigmoid HQ, a symphony of passion, expertise, and ambition resonates. Here, athletes are not just clients; they are part of a thriving community, surrounded by coaches, mentors, and fellow sports enthusiasts who share their fervor for the game of golf. The facility provides top-notch golf training facilities, cutting-edge technology, and a team of experts dedicated to optimising athletic and golf performance.

Rob Browne and David Kearney’s vision for Sigmoid has now become a reality. From the beginnings of Sigmoid Sports to the growth of Sigmoid Apparel, Sigmoid HQ embodies the culmination of their dedication to innovation, athleticism, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Sigmoid HQ Values


We seek to connect and create real value in our relationships with customers.


The best interests of our customers are always put first and we are eager to help in any way possible.


We are honest and transparent with our customers and believe that communication with anyone who walks in the door is key.


We strive to be unique in our offering by not doing what others have done before us.

Sigmoid HQ Team

David Kearney

Director of Performance

A proud PGA member of 30 years, David had a significant influence on ladies golf in Ireland over the past 20 years. It all began for David at the world famous royal county down links where he trained under Kevin Whitson and found his passion for coaching and performance.

As well as being an active swing and golf coaching tutor at The Belfry, David has had the honour of representing the CPG and the R&A on various golf missions and speaking engagements across the world – advising on high performance programs and golf development.

Changing gear, David conducted various high performance workshops for British Olympic Teams in advance of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio – coaching behaviours and best practice for athletes.

David, as performance lead for Irish ladies golf, introduced the multi-disciplinary approach of introducing fellow PGA professionals to concentrate on specialist performance roles within the game. By introducing a specialist development coach for junior teams, Ireland has achieved numerous noted successes on the ladies’ stage in the last 10 years – perhaps the teams most notable result was the first medal by a British Isles nation in the 2016 Espirito Santo trophy in Mexico, when the team brought home a bronze medal.

David finished his duties as performance director for the Irish Ladies Team at the end of 2020 to concentrate on his work with Sigmoid Sports, plans for Sigmoid HQ, as well as his own coaching and speaking engagements. His final duty being team lead for the Irish Ladies Golf Team at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021.

For the most part, David will implement and promote a new coaching style at Sigmoid HQ which will include the introduction of “golf classes” which steers away from the traditional one-on-one golf lesson. To book into your golf class, click here.

Rob Browne


Upon obtaining his B.Sc in Sports Management, with a specialisation in Sports Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Event Management from University College Dublin, Rob embarked on an exciting journey in New York City. He joined Five Iron Golf, where he immersed himself in the dynamic sports and entertainment industry, gaining invaluable experience.

Notably, Rob played a pivotal role during a significant expansion phase for Five Iron Golf, experiencing the launch of three new locations in Chicago, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. As a key member of their marketing team, he spearheaded the development of diverse partnerships and activation opportunities.

In 2021, Rob furthered his experience by working closely with industry experts in Platinum One Sports Management whilst also expanding his education by completing an online course in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School Online – recognising the importance of this area as the Sigmoid companies continue to grow.

Coming from a sporting background, Rob’s passion for sports runs deep. He actively participated in various sports during his youth, earning representative honours in hockey and competing in high-level amateur golf for a number of years.

Rob assumes the responsibility of managing daily operations for Sigmoid Sports. He efficiently oversees the commercial and logistical aspects of their Athlete Management and Event offerings, ensuring smooth execution and outstanding client experiences.

At Sigmoid HQ, Rob will be controlling all of the facilities operations to ensure the facility runs as smoothly as possible.

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